With creativity rooted in business goals and market insights, Habitat feels like and internal team but delivers faster and more cost-effectively remotely.

We partner with startups and product companies who believe that design can solve any user problem. We help them to serve their users and get better.

We work with the products we believe in. Today we contribute to the ideas, that will take the lead tomorrow.

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Meet the team.

Comprising 18 incredibly talented individuals, we are a powerhouse of diverse skills and perspectives, united by our passion for design and innovation.

What truly sets us apart is our unique blend of professionalism and friendliness. While we take our work seriously, we believe that a fun and supportive atmosphere is essential for fostering creativity and delivering exceptional results.

Victor Samokhvalov
Founder & Design Director
Helen Prokopovych
Alina Zhaivoron
Brand Lead & Creative Director
Anna Hnap
Lead Product Designer
Serhiy Trofymchuk
Senior UX/UI Designer
Leonid Maksymyk
Senior UX/UI Designer
Ellen Demchuk
UX/UI Designer
Roksolana Slobodianiuk
Lead Web Designer
Daria Volkoshovets
Web Designer
Vasily Tyvonchuk
Brand Designer
Nazariy Mynzak
Lead UX Designer
Olha Zahorui
Client Success Director
Dmytro Dedukh
UX/UI Designer
Oksana Hunko
Financial Analyst
Antonina Diadenchuk
Web Designer
Valerie Biletska
Motion Designer
Tamara Zasiadvovk
UX/UI Designer
Anna Volodko
Design Manager
Anton Matiash
Motion Designer

Our mission is to make our human habitat a better place. We are called Habitat because we care what kind of footprint we leave on our planet. That is why we work with like-minded people on projects that create a positive impact on our everyday life.

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Hear from the ones that know us best

“We were impressed with Habitat high-quality work and reliable communication skills. Work was done reliably and quickly. Our needs and wishes were addressed comprehensively. The quality was also very good.”

Daniel Lindenthal

CEO & Founder, Medatus