We shape the future human habitat by designing innovation today.

Product design

We can join your in-house team to unload and take responsibility for a huge chunk of your design needs.

While you are thinking about strategy — we are working on design solutions, scale up when needed, and elevate your product. Sprints, stand-ups is a usual routine for us.


Proof of Concept

UX/UI Audit

Design Systems

Discovery & Research


UX/UI Design


Interface Animation

User Testing

Our team

Web design

We design marketing and e-commerce websites that empower brand awareness, sell your products/services and inform your target audience.

Conducting a UX/UI audit of a live website we identify the usability, accessibility, and conversion issues that are addressed during the design phase.


Discovery and Research

Design Audit


Visual Concepts

UI/UX Design

UI kit

Responsive Designs

Interactive Prototyping

Web Animation

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We do not create logos, we create personalities. Our skill is in the translation of your positioning and company values into a brand identity, that extends into the product design, website, and a framework of digital and offline brand materials.


Brand Strategy

Branding Research

Logo Design

Brand Identity

Brand Guidelines

Marketing Materials

Brand Strategy

Brand Voice

Presentation Design

Art Direction

Motion Graphics

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Our motion design covers a wide range of needs, from short marketing promos to show off your business benefits to explainer videos to introduce what your company offers. We also make brand motion animations, web animations for your website, and UI/UX animations to make using your product easier.


Marketing Promo

Explainer Video

Brand Motion

Web Animation

UI/UX Animation

Our team

Hear from the ones that know us best

"We’re having a great experience with Habitat. The main metric that we would use is that we don’t let a lot of agencies touch our core product, and despite that, the rest of the team wanted to work with Habitat, which we think is a huge endorsement. They also pushed our team to go through different design systems to bring our brand closer together between signed-in and signed-out states."

Seif Salama

Senior Product Marketing Manager, AngelList Venture