Jung is a one-stop shop for anti-aging and longevity Brand & eCommerce website. Its key strength lies in offering evidence-based compounds designed for anti-aging and longevity, addressing internal and cosmetic aging.

This provides a holistic solution for those seeking to halt the aging process.


Brand Design

Web Design

Graphic Design

Motion Design


Health care

Anti-aging and longevity


The first difficulty was to create a brand - a logo, an identity. The process of creating stylescapes was extremely interesting, but complicated. The second challenge was the website. Namely, how to transfer the brand to the website format. A constant request from the client was to remember research and scientific evidence, and therefore the website had to serve as a consultant scientist with a bunch of terms in his head, but be an interesting and attractive person.


Quote from client

"We are extremely lucky to have worked with them and would highly recommend them to anybody."

Simon Sakhai