Layer2Financial is a multi-partner platform designed to provide customers with a seamless solution for compliant payments, banking, and wallets in multiple currencies. With just one API integration, customers can access all services without worrying about the complexities of integrating with multiple banks, custodians, payment networks, and exchanges. This simplifies the process and allows customers to focus on building great products and experiences for their users.

Layer2Financial sought to establish a bold and memorable brand identity, create an engaging website, and design a unique product in a short amount of time. Our team brought our A-game and we were able to deliver on all fronts, helping Layer2Financial achieve its goals and stand out in a crowded fintech market.


Brand Design

Web Design

Graphic Design

Product Design

Motion Design




The main challenge was to find a way to visually represent what Layer2 does. Unlike traditional online banks, Layer2 provides ready solutions for fintech businesses to build their own products. This meant that we couldn't rely on familiar visual assets such as banking cards or UI designs.


Quote from client

"We are extremely lucky to have worked with them and would highly recommend them to anybody."

Client Client

Co-Founder, FinTech Company